Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Final Edit

Whenever I finish a piece of writing, be it a proposal, a short story or a novel I'm always in such a tearing hurry to get my agent's/editor's feedback that almost as I'm writing The End I'm attaching it to send.  (There's a poem in there). 

The truth is that a cooling off period should be written into every author's schedule.  By this I mean letting enough time lapse so a writer can grow sufficiently detached to return to the project and view it objectively.

I've often been delighted with a piece only to return to it after a cooling off period to think, did I really write that?!

Patience is one of the best, and hardest, lessons an author can learn.


  1. Correct speiling is the next best leson

    1. Along with Autosave, Spellcheck is many authors' best friend!