Saturday, 17 November 2012

And the Winner Is!

It's the morning after the night before. Last night was the Festival of Romance 2012 and my Young Adult novel, Future Shadows, won first place in the paranormal romance category! It's always so good to have positive feedback on a script, but to actually come first in a competition is very special - especially when I know how much amazing talent is out there. The evening was full of fun and it was so nice to meet new writer friends and talk about the highs and lows of being an author (more highs than lows I'm glad to say).

One of the nicest comments to be made about my script was how invested in the protagonists the judging panel felt. During the writing of the book I fell in love with my three main characters Erin, Adam and Hal and I'm so glad that others felt the same. You never know how readers are going to react to your characters and so I'm delighted that the panel felt that the book's central love triangle story struck the right note.

Future Shadows is my first, as of yet unpublished, attempt at both a young adult novel and a paranormal romance. Of course, knowing that everyone's on the lookout for the next Twilight was one of the motivating factors in writing it but I also wanted to tap into the darker side of my psyche to see what would come out. The cover blurb for Future Shadows follows, you can of course read the opening page on this blog:

Suddenly it didn’t matter where he had come from, where he was headed or what his reasons had been for hiding the truth. All that mattered was that somewhere along his journey we had found each other, no matter how briefly.

Occasionally there are two people who are so meant for each other that destiny will overcome even time itself to bring them together. Erin Marshal doesn’t believe in fate but her life is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of Adam Hunt.

Who is Adam? Where has he come from? Who, or what, is pursuing him? As Erin struggles to unravel the web of confusion a distant menace draws closer leaving murder in its trail. Finally confronted with the truth, Erin must re-evaluate everything she thinks she knows about Adam. It’s amazing how staring down the barrel of a gun can crystallise the thought process – especially when it’s the love of your life who’s about to pull the trigger.


Erin can only fight what is flesh and blood. It is Adam who must face the shadows on the horizon and be willing to sacrifice everything to remain with Erin.

All she’s asking for is eternity.




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